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10 Best Supplements For Anxiety

Anxiety is a mental illness that can prove to be undoubtedly debilitating for many of its sufferers. Of course, tons of pharmaceutical drugs have begun to emerge in the last decade that can assist in the improvement of mental health. Despite the emergence and rapid development of psychotropic drugs and View Article
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Top 10 Best Things To Do Sober In Orange County

It’s widely known that Orange County is the national hub for drug and alcohol rehabilitation centers and sober-folks alike. However, when you’re first getting sober, it can be difficult to disconnect from activities that were highly attached to your past chapters of drugs or alcohol use. Even those who are View Article
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What Is Medically-Assisted Detox?

Receiving detoxification treatment is often the first step when checking into a drug and alcohol rehab center. This process is done to remove the toxins from the bloodstream which is often very uncomfortable and has many withdrawal symptoms involved as well. These withdrawal symptoms are capable of being both physical View Article
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What To Learn From Your Parent’s Addictions

If you have ever found yourself uttering these words: we hear you, we understand you, and we see you. Having a parent that struggles with an addiction – whether that be to substances or to a certain behavioral pattern – can be one of the most entirely challenging experiences to View Article
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Alcohol, Alcoholism, and the Impact on Your Health

A cold beer during a backyard barbecue. A couple of glasses of wine at dinnertime. A cocktail at happy hour with friends or co-workers. Alcohol consumption is as much a part of the fabric of America as apple pie and baseball. While the U.S. does not lead the world in View Article
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Top 10 Books to Read in Recovery

The road to sobriety is more than just the process of healing physically from addiction. It means starting over again and rethinking how you live. Going to recovery requires stepping back from your life and learning how to function without dependence. For some, the journey to sobriety can be lonely View Article
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Can Drug Addiction Run In The Family?

When your doctor asks you for your family history, it isn’t for no reason. Being aware of what health conditions your family members may suffer from may provide the missing puzzle pieces necessary for your doctor to be able to establish sound conclusions about your health for you. The cause View Article
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Breaking the Stigma: Addiction and Judaism in Orange County

The addiction epidemic sweeping across the country has taken many by surprise. The young and old, rich and poor are all finding themselves stuck in the cycle of addiction. As it hits Orange County in particular, the members of the Jewish community are especially vulnerable. Myths among the Jewish community View Article
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How To Approach A Friend Who Needs Addiction Treatment

Watching a friend struggle with an addiction is scary… but deciding to talk to a friend that is struggling with an addiction and encourage professional treatment (such as rehab) can feel like an absolutely insurmountable and terrifying task. It is natural for those struggling with the disease of addiction to View Article