While you should always seek out the advice of a trained professional before self-diagnosing yourself, there are several early warning signs that may suggest alcohol addiction.

  1. Lying About How Much You Drink

When your regular drinking shifts from a social experience to something you’re ashamed of, it may be a sign of alcohol dependency. Behaviors like lying about how many drinks you’ve had that night or how many times you’ve been to the bar are all early warning signs of addiction

  1. Blacking Outalcohol addiction” Regularly

There are multiple days and nights missing from your memory. It’s not uncommon for you to wake up not sure how you got there or to regain consciousness in the middle of a night out.

  1. Not Feeling Like Yourself When You’re Sober

During periods of sobriety, you act out or are short-tempered with your family, friends, and colleagues. You suffer from withdrawals symptoms like headaches that leave you angry and tense.

  1. Having Difficulty in Your Relationships

You regularly fight with your friends and family members. You get angry easier and quicker than you used to and your behavior has put a strain on your relationships. You’re distant and hard to connect with.

  1. Neglecting Your Responsibilities

You forget about important due dates and events. You prioritize other activities over your responsibilities and regularly fall through on your promises. You miss deadlines at work and can’t explain why you’re falling behind. It can feel like you’re losing control.

Other symptoms like physical addiction may be a sign of addiction, but they’re not guaranteed indicators. When facing alcohol addiction, Asana Recovery can help you build a path forward to recovery. Recovery can be difficult, but you don’t need to go it alone.