Recovering from addiction is one of the hardest things a person can do. It takes constant commitment and dedication as well as an awareness of your personal triggers and weaknesses. Balancing your inward commitment to recovery with outward pressures and strains can sometimes be too much.

Sometimes, we relapse.

Sometimes, even after we’ve tried our hardest, we fall back into old behaviors and are left starting over. Before you give in to despair, these steps can help guide you back towards your recovery path.

1. Forgive Yourself: This one mistake does not define you. You are not the collection of your failures. Your successes and the times you didn’t give up define you more than this ever could. The future success of your recovery does not hinder at this moment; it hinders on your reaction to it. Forgive yourself and commit to being better tomorrow.

2. Recognize You’re Not Alone: Even some of the strongest survivors have relapsed in their journey, and it’s not uncommon to relapse during a period of sobriety.

3. Reach Out: Your support group is more important than ever following a misstep. They want what’s best for you and are there to help pull you up after a relapse. Though you may be hesitant to admit what happened, your friends, families, fellow survivors, and counselor know you’re working every day to get better, and they want to help you on that path.

4. Avoid All or Nothing Patterns: Today’s mistakes are not indicators of tomorrow’s failures, and one misstep does not justify succumbing to old habits and addictions. One drink too many are not the same thing as five drinks too many and recognizing that dangerous mental pattern can help you stop it before it takes hold.

5. Start Again: Reset yourself and start over. Know that this one relapse is not the same thing as forsaking the process that you’ve made in the past. You’re closer to a healthy and sober future than you’ve ever been, and you’ll continue to grow past this moment. Keep your eyes and your focus on the future and the person you’re growing in to.  

As you recover, there are multiple steps you can take to stave off relapses, but, at the end of the day, you have to be your biggest supporter. If you know you can succeed, you will. At Asana Recovery, we truly believe you can make it through this difficult period and we’re here to help you on the journey. Recovery can be a difficult road, but you don’t need to travel it alone.