After you and your friends all reach 21 years old, drinking while hanging out together can become almost habitual in its regularity. While a beer or glass of wine with dinner may be commonplace for those not suffering with addiction or recovery, it can be a minefield for those looking to improve their health and their life. It’s important to remember that you’re not alone and there are those who understand what you’re going through. Though it can be difficult to avoid alcohol in today’s society, there are several steps you can take to protect yourself and your health if you’re worried about your levels of alcohol consumption.  

1. Track Your Use: It can be difficult to gauge your level of alcohol consumption simply by how you feel. Drinks vary widely in alcohol percentage, and if you don’t know the number, one type of drink can send you over your limit and beyond your comfort level. Keeping track of what and how much your drinking can help you stay within your limits. A quick check of your blood alcohol concentration numbers can also help you stay within your range.

2. Start with a Plan: Having an outline for your night can keep you on schedule and focused on the goals you had before you got to the bar. By having a plan of action already developed in your mind, it can be easier to say no to things that deviate from that schedule and it can help you from veering off course as the night goes on. Sharing this plan with other people who care for and support your decisions can add crucial encouragement if you ever start to lose conviction.

3. Build a Team: Just as your friends can help you stay focused on your plan, they can also help you through the entire process. An encouraging team of friends and family can guide you and keep you on track during your recovery process, and they provide invaluable support during the darker periods when you’re not sure you can make it. They know you can, and no one can go it alone.

4. Control Your Triggers: No one knows you like you do and you know what sets you off. If you’re used to drinking too heavily at a particular bar, suggest going to a new one. If you always drink too much if you have a cocktail, try a different drink instead. Sometimes these triggers are people in our lives, and while it can be difficult, your health comes first. You can’t help others before you help yourself, and you have to care for yourself during this difficult time.

5. Take a Breather: During your recovery, you may become overwhelmed. You may feel trapped in a situation and certain you’re going to cave into the need and these desires. At these points, a quick step back can make all the difference. Remove yourself from the situation and go outside. Take a walk and get some fresh air. Don’t sacrifice the progress you’ve and take the time when you need it. Though recovery is not a straight line, it sometimes follows a straight path out of the bar.

These steps can help you through recovery, but building a strong foundation is the surest way to ensure success. For those currently suffering and looking to recover from the grips of this painful addiction, Asana Recovery is here to help you towards a happier and healthier future.


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