As we have seen in recent news stories, the drug marijuana is available in many forms and is produced through multiple channels, especially since the legalization of the drug in multiple U.S. States. From cannabis-laced candies to vaping oil, people are enjoying this mind-altering drug in many ways. However, an avid marijuana aficionado may hold an interesting perception about cannabis. According to a recent report, most of the cannabis culture believes that the two types of marijuana plants (sativa and indica) can produce completely different side effects. Is this notion true or simply an urban legend? Let’s take a closer look at the debate and look at these two varieties of weed.

Debunking a Myth

A LOOK AT THE TWO TYPES OF MARIJUANA PLANTSDespite popular belief, scientists have concluded that there are very few differences between the two types of marijuana plants. In other words, one plant will not sedate you while the other invigorates you. However, the Cannabis variants share distinct appearances and growth patterns. Researchers imply that the proposition that each plant produces unique sensations is a marketing ploy.

The term sativa was originally coined by Carl Linnaeus and was used to describe European and Western European hemp plants. Meanwhile, Jean-Baptiste Lamarck originally named the indica plant, attributed to the mind-altering variations that were used to make hashish in India. Today, people more frequently consume indica rather than sativa.

Sativa and Indica

Here is a closer look at their other major differences:

  • Sativa: This type of marijuana plant is characterized by tall, narrow leaves and is believed to heighten a user’s energy. The original NLD (narrow-leaf drug) types were known as Cannabis indica ssp. indica
  • Indica: This type of marijuana has short, broad leaves and is believed to produce calming effects and relaxation. The more specific name of this BLD (broad-leaf drug) is Cannabis indica ssp. afghanica.
  • Hemp: Originally known as Cannabis sativa, this variation is a non-addictive variant of marijuana that is used for the production of fiber and seeds (as well as CBD).

Overall, there is no substantial evidence that the indica and sativa variations produce different effects.

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