Everyone has a special way of expressing love and companionship. Intimacy and reproduction are superior roles for human beings and forming lasting partnerships and romance can improve your mental and physical health overall. However, while an individual’s sexual orientation is no longer held in question, one issue still remains prominent amongst groups in the LGBT community: substance abuse and addiction. Studies have shown that people who identify as gay or bisexual may experiment with drugs or ingest potentially deadly substances more frequently than heterosexuals, and the criteria behind these decisions are particularly disturbing.

Sexual Orientation

Health experts define sexual orientation as emotional or romantic feelings we express towards another gender. This habit has been divided into three categories:

  • Heterosexual: attraction to the opposite sex
  • Homosexual: attraction to the same sex
  • Bisexual: attraction to individuals of both sexes

Medical research has determined that sexual orientation may depend on a variety of factors including environment (influences), physical traits (hormones, brain chemistry), or emotional well-being. Nevertheless, minority groups who contain bisexual or homosexual members do not suffer from mental illness or deformities of any kind. They are completely healthy and normal human beings.

The Sad Truth about Addiction and Abuse

Facing risks for aggressive confrontations and discrimination and additional factors, lesbian, gay, bisexual, or transgender people can ultimately develop behavioral issues. Sadly, recent studies in the medical community have determined that LGBT individuals do, in fact, suffer from addiction and abuse (substance abuse disorders) at a higher rate than heterosexual people. Individuals may take drugs or alcohol in response to abuse or trauma they experienced as a result of their sexual orientation. Additional studies in 2013 found that LGBT adults between 18 and 64 years of age shared an affinity for binge drinking that exceeded cravings of heterosexual people.

Medical experts also warn that gay and bisexual men in particular have demonstrated an affinity for methamphetamine (crystal meth) and poppers (amyl nitrates). Furthermore, these men were reported to experiment with drugs used to treat erectile dysfunction, ultimately increasing their risk of contracting sexually transmitted diseases including HIV/AIDS.


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