An Effective Tool For Students At Risk Of Substance Abuse

College life is an exciting time. A new sense of independence and freedom, along with new friends and experiences; it is also a time when many young adults become active participants in the college party scene. The rising use of drugs and alcohol is a reason why rising awareness of drug and alcohol abuse is even more critical.

Once a young adult gets on a college campus, under-age drinking doesn’t seem like such a bad thing anymore. Alcohol is a staple in most social gatherings, and is as much a rite of passage in the social rituals of higher education. 

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5 Warning Signs To Look Out For Substance Abuse

  • Mood Changes: temper flare-ups, irritability, defensiveness
  • Poor Academic Performance: dropping grades or attendance
  • Changing Friends or Social Circles
  • Lack of Motivation or Care for Things That Used to Be Important
  • Chance in Physical Appearance

Warning signs may be an indication that a problem shouldbe examined. However, many young adults show behaviors that are simply an indication of “growing up” or a reaction to stressors that are common during this life stage. It is important to observe if several signs are happening at the same time.


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The Risks of Underage Drinking

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A national study has shown that marijuana use among college students is on the rise and remains at the highest level in three decades.


Marijuana users are more likely to gravitate toward other high-risk behaviors. Nine out of ten college-aged marijuana users also drink alcohol and smoke cigarettes.