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Afioga Tone Behavioral Health Technician

Behavioral Health Technician

For Afioga Tone, who joined Asana Recovery’s team as a Behavior Health Technician, the most rewarding thing in life is helping other people. Whether the help she offers takes the form of coaching volleyball, encouraging other in fitness goals (which offers benefits to both mental and physical health) or guiding addicts on the path beyond addiction, the personal reward for her is the same.

“Helping others – through fitness and health, spreading the gospel, being an impact to those around me – this  is what I enjoy doing in life. It keeps me productive and active,” she says.

A full Samoan and the youngest of seven siblings, Afioga is currently an undergraduate student at Vanguard University studying kinesiology. She hopes her work at Asana will benefit others as well as help her “gain more knowledge in the behavioral field that would help me later on in my career.”