Asana Recovery

Health Technician

Cheyenne Duran, known affectionately as Chey (pronounced ‘shy’), is a dedicated Behavioral Health Technician with a heartfelt commitment to helping others. Her journey into addiction counseling stemmed from a desire to support children, particularly those affected by addiction in the foster care system. Driven by empathy and a thirst for knowledge, Chey seeks to deepen her understanding to better serve her clients.

At the center of Chey’s world are her resilient daughters, who inspire her every day. Their shared hobbies, including a love for anime and video games, bring them closer together. Despite facing health challenges, her children embody strength and courage, motivating Chey to be her best self. Cheyenne finds joy in her faith, her children’s laughter, and the simple pleasure of good food.

Cheyenne Duran shines as a beacon of empathy and strength. Her dedication to understanding and supporting those battling addiction, alongside her unwavering love for her family, defines her remarkable character. As she continues her journey in the addiction industry, Chey remains a source of inspiration and hope.