Asana Recovery

Cody Blair Behavioral Health Technician

Behavioral Health Technician

Cody is currently studying at UEI in the Medical Assistant program and is top of his class. At Asana Recovery, he is a Behavioral Health Technician, working with both clinical staff and clients. He provides assistance with medications, appointments, and observations. He also helps ensure clients have what they need to be comfortable during their time in the program.

Him and his wife enjoy going on weekly hikes, and they have an amazing rescue dog named Taco. Cody comes from a very large family, and is the youngest of six brothers and seven sisters.

Happiness to Cody is helping others find their purpose in life. He got started in the addictions industry because he is in recovery himself. He says, “I finally found my true meaning and purpose in life and wish to share the knowledge I’ve learned with others on the same journey.”

Cody believes in finding the positivity in life. He says, “If you’re having a bad day just remember it’s never too late to restart your day.”