Asana Recovery

Connie Memije

Support Specialist

Connie has her hands full as a mother of three rambunctious boys. She says that they can drive her nuts at times but that she wouldn’t trade them for the world. She loves to spend her time outdoors with her family camping and hiking, or relaxing with a good book in the sunshine.

She joins Asana Recovery after attending ACC and earning her Medical Assistant Certificate in 2015. As a Client Care Coordinator, she can often be found keeping track of the progress and conditions of clients, helping to relay any client concerns to emergency medical care, and working with clients to ensure their medications are available and helping them to understand the purpose of each prescription.

Her passion for the addictions industry stems from feeling the need to help others who want to get back on their feet and who seek to have a better relationship with their family and friends. Connie has a family member who suffers from addiction and she knows first-hand how addiction can affect a family unit. She says: “If I can help someone and their loved ones not to feel that way I will try my best to give them the support and help that they are asking for.”