Recently, the United States has been front and center in a great marijuana debate, which has left lawmakers and citizens divided on the subject of legalized cannabis. While nearly half of the country has allowed the use of the drug (with eight states permitting recreational consumption), another half is still debating whether the drug is good or bad for the public. Recently, President Donald Trump has called for a study on the negative repercussions of cannabis (as a public safety measure only), and the Mormon Church itself has backed Utah’s government in an effort to legalize medical marijuana in the state. However, have you considered how other countries have handled or are handling the issue of marijuana? Let’s take a closer look. Here are three countries besides the United States that are actively involved in the marijuana debate.


COUNTRIES BESIDES THE UNITED STATES THAT ARE INVOLVED IN THE MARIJUANA DEBATELet’s start with one of the most adventurous countries on earth. Based on news reports, Australia has recently legalized overseas imports of medical marijuana, but the government has issued strict regulations for people who are seeking this alternative and (for the most part) questionable form of treatment. Interestingly enough, the Australian Health Ministry has expressed a passion for promoting local production of marijuana and providing emotional support for patients. At this time, Australian doctors prescribe the drug for people suffering from HIV/AIDS or cancer.


Like Australia and the United States, the marijuana debate in Spain is very complex. At this time, the Spanish government has permitted recreational use within residential homes, and citizens will not be prosecuted if they grow the plants for personal use. For the most part, recreational marijuana is also considered legal, but the distribution of the drug is 100% illegal. Still, the country has still experienced accomplishments in the great marijuana debate. In 2017, Catalonia ended a three-year strike which allows adults to grow, consume, and (most significantly) distribute the drug within the legal limit.

South Korea

In light of its neighbor North Korea’s legalization of the drug, South Korea has recently made a significant shift in the marijuana debate. As reported in February 2018, Shin Chang-Hyun (a member of the National Assembly) has introduced an amendment to the Act on the Control of Narcotics. If passed, this bill will allow South Koreans to have access to marijuana for medical purposes. As part of the National Drug Administration (NDA), South Korea will allow patients to receive this treatment strictly on an individual basis.

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