Asana Recovery

Crystal Beyerlein

Crystal Beyerlein

Behavioral Health Technician

Crystal has a passion for learning, healing, helping, and being a part of change in the substance epidemic. She says that working in a treatment facility is a way for her to give back what was so freely given to her: “There’s a fulfillment I get watching people grow and give themselves a chance at a beautiful life without substances.” She believes there is a better way of life and that it is possible for anyone.

In her free time, she enjoys hiking, eating, painting, reading, sketching, and hanging out with her friends, brother, and father, who is her best friend. She finds happiness in her two boys and their health and happiness. She also is a big fan of lots of coffee, blank canvases, music, nature, and the woods.

At Asana Recovery, Crystal works as a Behavioral Health Technician, where she informs patients about their medication, performs client rounds, works closely with the medical team, and creates medical documentation.