Asana Recovery

David Juan

Program Manager CADC II

Currently focusing on his education to contribute more to the facility, David brings a lot of knowledge and expertise to the addictions industry and to Asana Recovery. He has over six years of work and education experience and is focused on learning as much as he can about programs, operations, clinical, compliance, and court services. He has been in positions of management as a Detox Supervisor, Program Manager and Operations Supervisor. His passion and drive for helping others keep pushing him forward, and he hopes to become a Director in the future. David has recently graduated from the CCAPP Academy (California Consortium of Addiction Programs Professionals) and is on his way to becoming a Credentialed Alcohol Drug Counsellor II!

His education and experience are accompanied by his love of working with people and helping change their lives for the better. He said: “I enjoy working with people that want to put in the work and willing to help themselves make positive changes and accomplish goals to live a sober lifestyle.” He has also devoted time to helping those who are homeless, on probation, or experiencing mental health issues.

As Case Manager at Asana Recovery, David is responsible for intake and assessment of new clients, treatment and recovery planning, crisis intervention, attending regular sessions with clients, and group facilitation.

David also has a business background and attended Santa Ana College in 2008, as well as Long Beach City College in 2010 where he studied Business. He is very focused on his goals and says he has always been fascinated with business and has dreams of starting another company one day.

When David finds free time, he enjoys spending it with friends and family at the beach, travelling and embarking on weekend getaways, listening to music and watching movies.