Asana Recovery

David Oliver Case Manager

Case Manager

David works in the addictions industry so that he can help others in need assistance. He says, “I work in the Addiction Industry because I believe I can help those who may not have the tools to help themselves. I have the opportunity to assist individuals in turning their lives around and I’m grateful everyday to do so.”

As a Case Manager at Asana Recovery, David works to support and mentor clients while in detoxification or residential treatment. He also maintains a caseload, acts as the receiver of clinical data, and works closely with the Clinical Director in treatment planning, responding to crises, and ensuring the efficacy of service delivery. He also performs intake and assessment, and documents client progress. He studied at Xavier University of Louisiana in an undergraduate program, and UCLA Extention to earn an Alcohol and Drug Abuse Counseling Certification.

David is a workout enthusiasts, advocate for social justice, and is always open to trying new things. He enjoys his alone time, as it gives his an “opportunity to exhale.”

Happiness to David is having a drama-free day and staying connected to his friends and family.