Over the past ten years, the Opioid Crisis has continued to rear its ugly head in the streets, alleyways, and hospitals of the United States. The worst part of this disaster is that the drugs we are working hard to fight are deemed lawful. If a person suffers from a traumatic injury, the chances are high (no pun intended) that a doctor will prescribe a powerful opioid to ebb the pain. As a result, this individual is put at risk for developing opioid dependence and/or addiction. Despite recent shifts in heroin use over the past two years, lawmakers are still working tirelessly to eradicate this problem, and the DEA’s active administrator might have the best salutation we’ve heard in months. Let’s read on and see what he had to say.

Enforcement is the Key

DEA ADMINISTRATOR EMPHASIZES IMPORTANCE OF ENFORCEMENT IN COMBATING THE AMERICAN OPIOID CRISISOn October 12, 2018, DEA Acting Administrator Uttam Dhillon stressed that the simplest and most efficient tool for directly combating the Opioid Crisis is enforcement. By aggressively targeting regulated pharmacies and illegal dealers, law enforcement officials can eradicate illicit supplies and (as a result) prevent the drugs from falling into the hands of innocent people. Dhillon explained that drug abuse is relatively easy to talk about, but, for a strange reason, enforcement is a touchy topic.

As part of the press release, the Administrator emphasized the importance of directing attention towards drug traffickers (including gang networks and criminals) in the spotlight of the DEA. Dhillon described these individuals as black-hearted criminals who are bent on poisoning the people of the United States.

DEA’s 360 Program

Later, Dhillon described current activity with the DEA’s 360 Program in the State of Utah. As he explained, this rigorous approach will employ a strategic partnership between lawmakers and the community to build awareness and improve security. As a conclusion, Dhillon highlighted three positive outcomes of the enforcement plan:

  • First responders are qualified experts who have firsthand experience with the brutal consequences of drug abuse, addiction, and drug-related crime. These agents also have extensive knowledge of DEA-targeted criminals and gangs and can easily identify these culprits as a result.
  • By cutting off drug channels, the supply of addictive substances will run dry, and fewer people will have access to opioids.
  • Through enforcement, criminals and gangs will learn to fear the law even more.

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