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Devonte Johnson

Devonte Johnson - Client Care Coordinator

Client Care Coordinator

Devonte thinks that the key to making things happen is to believe in yourself. He lives by the Nipsey Hussle quote, “the most important thing is to get rid of doubt. If you got doubt in what you’re doing it’s not gonna work.” He constantly works towards becoming a better man and self claims to “hustle and motivate on the daily at work.”

He has five siblings: an identical twin brother, a brother and sister who are fraternal twins, and two baby sisters. Devonte also enjoys spending his free time at gatherings with family and friends.

Pursuing a career in addictions began in 2010 when Devonte began studying at Cypress Community College. He then moved to Wayne Community College in 2013. At Asana Recovery, Devonte works as a Client Care Coordinator. He can usually be found observing clients, charting their progress, assisting with medications, and coordinating with physicians for medical clearance of clients.

His favourite part of working at Asana Recovery is providing support and encouragement to help individuals overcome their addictions. He finds happiness in working closely with clients and assisting them with recovery.

He is self-described as a people person and loves to help clients recover with the programs offered at Asana Recovery. He said, “it makes me happy to see the clients better themselves when they think that there is no way around things. In the end, there’s ALWAYS a way around everything. You gotta have the heart and mind to do it.”