Drug addiction and drug use is a popular subject to focus a narrative on in all forms of media. Movies, books, TV, and even video games have all shown drug use in different ways. Some media want to show the effect drugs have on people while others just have the characters use illegal drugs casually as part of a scene. The depiction of narcotics in media isn’t going anywhere, but more than one concerned parent has raised the question, does media glorify drug use and contribute to the growing drug epidemic. Like every problematic subject there are always two equally rational sides, so here are some of the arguments presented by both sides and you can judge for yourself which you think is right.

Yes, they do:

While some forms of media may show the dangers of drug use and the recovery process they still subtly encourage people, especially teens, to freely use drugs. The way they do this is by showing the drug addicts as likable and endearing characters that people want to be like, and this might encourage the viewer to want to start the same bad habits as they do. Media also makes drug recovery look easier as most movies and TV shows have a limited time to tell a story and because of this, they will have the nitty-gritty aspect of the process be off screen or in a montage. Watching a character kick a destructive habit in a matter of minutes will make some subconsciously think that the path to recovery is swift and easy. Media creators need to be more careful about how they represent drug addiction and recovery as it can present people with misinformation and encourage them to take drugs.


No, They Don’t

Media is there to inform or entertain audiences, but the responsibility for someone’s actions lies in more than just something they saw on a screen. Many forms of media, like film, create these stories of drug abuse and recovery to be entertaining to the viewer, but also give hope to those who might be suffering from addictions of their own. Drugs are also portrayed casually in other forms of media because they make the work more relatable to the audience since most of them will most likely know someone who does drugs recreationally. No one should take all their information about drug addiction of recovery from media alone and should instead go out and do some research on the subject for themselves.

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