Asana Recovery

Emily Orendorff

Emily Orendorff

Client Care Coordinator

When she’s not spending time with her fur babies or taking a road trip, you can find Emily assisting with the medical responsibilities and supervision of nurses and ensuring documentation is correct. 

Emily is in charge of the observation of clients, taking notes on the changes in client’s conditions, and taking necessary actions. She works with the clients, as well as coordinating with other staff on any necessary information. She is always willing to take on responsibilities and whatever needs to get done at the facility.

Emily was led to work in this field because of her desire to help others. She has a passion for doing what she can to better the lives of those around her loves that about her position at ASANA. She uses her strength of being able to empathize with others to really grow relationships with the clients and understand where they are coming from. She loves that her position in the company allows her to encounter people from all walks of life, and get to know their stories.

“Watching my clients gain hope and achieve things they thought were impossible” is what inspires her the most about her role at the facility.

When she’s not working, she enjoys using her free time to catch up on sleep or spending her time outdoors, especially out in the water. She has a love for road trips and takes them whenever she can, always ready for the next adventure.

She is a big animal lover and has three dogs, two cats and a bearded dragon, and stays busy caring for them. As someone that loves to travel, if she could travel anywhere in the world, it would be Germany to see all of the incredible history.

Emily takes a lot of inspiration from her Dad, as she has always admired his strength. He was on his own from a young age and overcame everything that came his way. He turned into a successful person, as well as a role model for her. This inspiration for his adversity has really translated into her position at ASANA and gives her the motivation for overcoming any challenges.

When we asked her to describe herself in three words, her answer was goofy, loving and trustworthy. This is exactly how those around her view her and why she is a great addition to our team!

Her advice to anyone looking into joining this field is to make sure to have boundaries with both the clients, as well as coworkers.