Many approaches to addiction treatment center around helping an individual make the changes necessary to refrain from problematic behavior. Unlike behavioral therapy, eye movement desensitization and reprocessing, and contingency management, however, family and community-based treatment programs place a stronger emphasis on the larger family and/or community of which the individual is a part. Examples include multidimensional family therapy and the community reinforcement approach.

Family and community-based therapies recognize that an individual cannot avoid the effects of their surroundings and the family and communities that comprise those surroundings can hinder or promote an individual’s recovery.  As a result, these types of treatment plans specifically work toward the goal of modifying the influence the family or community has on the patient in a way that encourages maintenance of sobriety.

Some addiction professionals believe that family and community-based therapies will not only yield more long-term success but may also help reduce the social stigma surrounding addiction, potentially even increasing the number of people that seek the treatment they need. Indeed, under any approach to addiction treatment, the best chance for long-term success will require a nurturing and encouraging environment.

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