Asana Recovery

Gabriella Fouse

Gabriella Fouse

Behavioral Health Technician

Gabriella is a proud mother of two boys aged 3 and 4 years. She loves to see her family thriving and gets a lot of happiness from seeing others thrive, too. Her attraction to the addictions industry came from that same reason; she wanted to help people overcome their addictions and increase their wellbeing.

She studied at Miracosta College in Oceanside and is well suited to work in the addictions industry because she knows firsthand the challenges of beating addiction. She says, “because I’ve overcome my own battle with addiction and I want others to know that recovery is possible.”

As a Support Specialist, Gabriella works to support both medical staff and clients. She keeps record of client progress, relays information to medical staff, helps collect client samples, and works to maintain overall client health.