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Garrett Cady Behavioral Health Technicians

Behavioral Health Technician

As an avid botanist, Garrett says that plants make him happy and he spends a lot of his time growing cacti and succulents in a greenhouse in his backyard. He is a father to two sons, who are 5 and 1 years old. He also enjoys practising yoga, is a self-proclaimed analog photography enthusiast, and is working on a recovery related podcast. 

He entered the addiction industry to be a source of support to others in a way that he needed when he was on his own journey to recovery. He says, “I decided to work in the addiction industry after struggling for many years with substance abuse myself. I found inspiration from my peers in recovery that also worked in the industry. I discovered that it is rewarding being able to help guide someone through this very difficult process. I long to be the person I needed on this path and an example that recovery is possible.”

Garrett is currently studying psychology and addiction at Long Beach City College, and joins Asana Recovery as a Support Specialist. He works alongside clients and medical staff, ensuring client needs are met and that medical staff receive the support they need to fulfill their duties. He also observes clients and keeps record of client progress.