For years, Sheridan Gardens was San Diego County’s premier detox center offering unparalleled service, professional and experienced staff, serene surroundings, group and individual counseling, 24-hour monitoring and supervision, healthy nutrition plan and professional case management.

Recently, we decided to change our name: Sheridan Gardens is now Asana Recovery.


People who experienced our programs knew what to expect: world-class treatment.

But as the years wore on, a lot of people were finding us on the web, and some told us they found our name…confusing.

Some even thought we were a nursery, selling plants and gardening supplies!

Of course, the full-acre of gardens, along with the beach just a half-mile away, are features of our recovery program: allowing our residents to escape the stresses of everyday life and find peace and relaxation in beautiful southern California.

But we wanted future browsers to know exactly what we do, so we can help as many as possible conquer their addictions.

That’s why we’re now Asana.

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