The problem of alcohol abuse among college students is a well-known phenomenon, but you may be surprised to learn that this problem is even worse among medical school students. According to a 2016 study by the Mayo Clinic, about one-third of medical students have a clinically diagnosable alcohol use disorder, more than twice the rate recorded for physicians, surgeons, and the general population. A 2017 study of medical schools in Florida also reported finding surprisingly high rates of drug and alcohol abuse.

While researchers have yet to reach a consensus on the precise reason for the high rates of alcohol abuse among medical students, but it is believed that medical students suffer higher rates of emotional exhaustion and other forms of burnout when compared to their peers. Extreme debt resulting from the high costs of medical school is also thought to contribute to the excessively high rates of alcohol abuse found at so many medical schools.

Alcohol addiction is a progressive disease that worsens as time goes by, so delaying treatment is not advised. If you think that you or someone you love might be developing an addiction to alcohol, you should speak to a certified addiction specialist at the earliest opportunity.

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