A common trait among many drug addicts is that most of them have a mental illness along with their drug addiction. This in no ways means that only people with mental illness develop drug addiction or that everyone with a mental illness will become an addict. It just means that people who suffer from mental illness have a high chance of developing addiction than those without. This happens for a variety of reasons, one being that those with mental illness, particularly depression, will often turn to drugs as a way to cope with their pain. Drugs give an instant relief from problems as it allows the user to step outside of their own mind for a moment and ignore the world. Using drugs to mask a mental illness is only a temporary, and potentially dangerous, fix for a larger problem.

There are a lot more effective and less dangerous methods for dealing with mental illness than drugs. Talk therapy is helpful for those with depression and anxieties as being able to talk to someone about their fears and concerns is liberating and takes the pressure off their backs. Therapists and counselors are also useful for giving patients advice and tips on how to lead a healthy lifestyle with their condition as well as how to overcome the roadblocks that their illness puts in their way. In cases where talk therapy alone isn’t enough, a therapist may prescribe medication to help ease the burden of the mental illness. These drugs are prescribed by people in the medical field who know what dosage to give to a patient for them to feel the effects, but not become addicted.

Even with talk therapy and medication, some people will choose a more powerful drug and self-medicate to get the insistent and extreme high. In these cases the addiction must be dealt with first before the root of the issue can be examined appropriately. The best course of action is for the addict to be quickly admitted into a recovery program where they can get detoxed.


Asana Recovery is a good place where addicts can get detoxed and receive help in the recovery process from trained and caring staff. Once the detox process has drained all of the harmful substances out of the body, the next step is for the addict to be put into a therapy program to help them manage their mental illness so they can live a drug-free life.

If you or a loved one is suffering from drug or alcohol addiction, please contact us at Asana Recovery. We are always ready to help new patients start on their path to recovery.