Imagine the rush of adrenaline and the exhilarating sensation of blasting across the racetrack at 300 miles per hour. Like a one-man missile careening down a racetrack, professional drag racers astound people around the world with their incredible athletic prowess and their nearly fearless personalities. Sometimes, these men and women almost appear superhuman. Nevertheless, these amazing athletes do experience fear, sometimes in the worst possible way (and it is not death from racing). Just ask professional drag racer Jeb Allen, who experienced the adrenaline high of his racing career as thousands of fans cheered for him. At the age of 17, he officially signed a contract with Top Fuel dragsters, the wildest and most dangerous accelerating race cars on the planet.  By the time he reached 30, Allen was so drunk on alcohol that his family was ashamed of him. Now, he is building houses and accomplishing his life goals. Let’s take a closer look at how Jeb Allen overcame his severe alcoholism.

Great Balls of Fire

HOW PROFESSIONAL DRAG RACER JEB ALLEN OVERCAME HIS ALCOHOLISMAny fans of drag racing now just how dangerous this sport can be at times. In a matter of seconds, an exploding ball of fire rages down a short track in a short amount of time than a skydiver tumbling toward the earth. In Tulsa, Oklahoma in 1973, Jeb Allen’s career suddenly took a sharp turn when his car caught fire and skidded down the track. Needless to say, after surviving the crash, he eventually rose to the rank of “racing rock star” and (of course) starting partaking in rambunctious parties. According to Allen, on the day before a race, the athletes would consume beer, but, right after the events, the racers would hand out cocaine.

Dry and High on Good Deeds

During the peak of his stardom, Allen starting suffering from drinking problems, and, by the age of 29, the racing superstar decided to call it quits. However, now that racing was no longer part of the picture or an easy distraction, Allen slowly sank into the quicksand of alcoholism. At the worst point of his life, he would consume anything from one bottle of vodka to 18 beers on a daily basis. Once his father laid down the law, Allen finally went to rehab (after a stint in jail) and, in 1991, founded Palomar Builders with Sue Tsai (his eventual wife).

In the past 27 years, Allen has contributed an estimated $400,000 to the Make a Wish Foundation and was recently inducted into the International Drag Racing Hall of Fame (Ocala, Florida).

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