The biggest barrier to receiving treatment for substance addiction is the widespread inability to recognize that treatment is necessary. Approximately 90% of people in need of treatment for substance addiction do not receive it, and 95% of those people were operating under the mistaken belief that treatment was unnecessary.

Given the massive rift between the number of people who need addiction treatment and the number of people who believe they need addiction treatment, it is generally safe to assume that if you are questioning whether you might be one of the millions of Americans in need of addiction treatment, you probably are.

A more precise way to determine whether you need treatment is to ask yourself the following questions, based on the criteria established by the American Psychiatric Association for diagnosing substance use disorders:

– Do you use the substance more frequently than originally intended?

– Are you unable to stop or reduce the use of the substance even though you want to?

– Do you spend a significant amount of time trying to obtain the substance?

– Do you experience cravings for the substance?

– Has the substance use caused you to fall behind on your obligations at work, school, and/or home?

– Have you lost interest in old hobbies or stopped engaging in activities you used to enjoy?

– Are you having problems in your personal relationships?

– Have you developed a tolerance for the substance?

– Do you experience withdrawal symptoms without the substance?

The more of these questions that are answered affirmatively, the more serious the addiction is likely to be, but answering yes to even one of these questions is a sign that you should explore your options for treatment.

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