Asana Recovery

Jack Pearson #AMFT114231

Associate Therapist

As a coffee connoisseur, Jack finds a lot of happiness in coffee and loves exploring new ways to brew it. He also says that he loves Star Wars and has self-proclaimed himself as being into “nerd culture”. He enjoys spending his time playing video games, spending time in nature, hanging out with his Pit Bull, and finding the best places to eat.

Jack loves to work with people and change their lives for the better. He says: “Even though I may only see you for a few weeks, I enjoy giving you tools to help as you move forward.”

While he originally gained an undergraduate degree in Botany from University of Hawaii at Manoa in 2014, Jack switched career paths and pursued a Master’s degree from Hope International University for Marriage and Family Therapy from 2016-2019. Being a Therapist at Asana Recovery means that Jack is often busy assisting clients struggling with interpersonal/relationship issues. He holds regular sessions with clients to work on a number of challenges they may be facing, such as substance abuse and relapse, coping with difficult life changes, and rebuilding relationships.