Asana Recovery

Jason Miller - Behavioral Health Technician

Behavioral Health Technician

Jason recently reached a milestone in his own recovery journey and is seven years sober as of August, 2021! He works in the addiction industry because he knows what it is like to suffer with addiction and he has a passion for helping others challenged in the same way. He says, “I try to show all clients compassion. If I can help somebody stay sober one more second, one more minute, one more hour or one more day, then I am doing my job.  I just want them to stay long enough to see get how to stay sober and have happy, productive lives.”

He carries that passion and attitude with him through life. He is happiest when he is being a service to others, and also enjoys going for bike rides and hiking.

Jason joins Asana Recovery as a Support Specialist. He brings his life experience, compassion, and knowledge to his role and can usually be found working closely with clients and medical staff and offering support where needed. Jason works to observe clients, record their progress, collect samples for the lab, and provides information to clients regarding their medication.