Asana Recovery

Jeff Smith

Medical Technician

Jeffry, better known as Jeff, is a former professional surfer who was on a world tour for 10 years. He currently is a part-time instructor for Banzai Surf Schools. When he is not busy surfing, he enjoys spending time with his long-time girlfriend, Cindy, helping others, and hanging out with his cat, Holly, who has stolen his heart.

He got started in the addictions industry to give back the gift that he was given. At Asana Recovery, he works as a Medical Technician, where he stays busy observing and charting clients, performing inventory checks, providing information about detox medications, collecting client samples, providing nursing assessments, and conducting medication monitoring.

Previous to his work in addictions, he attended OCC, Pepperdine, and Everest College in Santa Clara to gain his certifications for Medical Assisting. He also has 20 years of experience as an underwriter in the financial industry.