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Jennifer Garcia

Jennifer Garcia Medical Technician

Medical Technician

Jennifer was motivated to work in the mental health field by her family. Her mom lives with high anxiety and her little brother has autism and ADHD. She loves to spend time with them and play Minecraft with her brother. She also got started working in the addictions industry because she wants to offer support where it is needed most. She says “I like to offer support and empathy for a demographic that so often gets misrepresented and harshly criticized.”

She has a cute robo dwarf hamster named Stewy and likes to spend her free time playing chess, learning new instruments, like the acoustic guitar and ukulele, and going to the beach to journal. Jennifer is happiest when she spends time with her partner and family. She loves to get together as a group and laugh uncontrollably because of how funny they are when they are together.

At Asana Recovery, Jennifer works as a Medical Technician where she is responsible for nursing assessments, medication monitoring, and documentation. She also works with clients to provide information about their prescriptions, measure and record clients’ vital signs, and conduct client rounds.

Before joining Asana Recovery, she attended San Francisco State University for five years and earned her bachelor’s degree in Psychology. She also minored in Human Sexuality Studies and Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender Studies.