Asana Recovery

Jessica Leos

Behavioral Health Technician

Jessica is originally from Virignia but relocated to California to stay connected to her support system and recovery community. She has a passion for helping people find the solution to their problems, as others have helped her. Both her and her partner are in recovery and they recently moved in together.

Before working in addictions, Jessica spent time working as a nanny and in preschools. She enjoys spending time with children and looks forward to having her own in the future.

She has earned an Associates Degree in Social Sciences from Tidewater Community College in Chesapeake, Virginia. Jessica is happiest when she feels accomplished, and enjoys spending her time knitting, cleaning house, going to the beach, painting, and connecting with clients, friends, and family.

At Asana Recovery, Jessica works as a Support Specialist, offering assistance for medical staff and clients, ensuring that clients arrive at appointments, and helping to document client progress during their stay.