Asana Recovery

Jodi Brady

Client Care Coordinator

Jodi has lived in Huntington Beach for over 45 years and got into the addictions industry because she has always had the desire to help others.

Her perception of success is making the lives of others better: “If I can make someone’s day better in any way possible, bring a smile, or just let them know that they matter, and that there is hope, then I feel truly successful.”

She is a trained Vocational Nurse, getting her certification and licensure with the State of California after studying at Concorde Career College.

Jodi assists clients at Asana Recovery as a Client Care Coordinator, ensuring that client care and medicine distribution is maintained by nursing staff, along with being the point of contact for 24-hour support. The work that Jodi does is a major reason why Asana Recovery runs so smoothly. We definitely couldn’t do it without her!

When she is not on-site, Jodi enjoys spending her time putting on great music and riding her motorcycle through winding canyon roads, exploring the Colorado River, and enjoying the great outdoors.

Being a daredevil doesn’t end on the ground, she also loves to skydive!

When Jodi’s personal space isn’t being invaded by her German Shepherd, she loves to spend time with her son who served time in the Marine Corps, and the rest of her amazing family.