Asana Recovery

John Becerra

Program Director

John said getting confirmation that the services he provided have helped someone get their life back on track is the greatest gift and the greatest accomplishment of his life: “What makes me happiest, is when I get a phone call one, two, or even three years down the road from a client that we had in the past explaining to me how they have their family back in their lives, and how happy, healthy and thankful they are that they got their life back on the right track. That’s the best reward anybody can ask for.”

John believes that listening and understanding the struggles that clients have due to addictions is key to their recovery, and firmly believes in offering support because people cannot overcome addiction alone.

He prides himself on being patient, tolerant, and having an understanding of addictions. His passion is to help one person at a time so that they understand there is a light at the end of the tunnel.

As Program Director at Asana Recovery, John ensures that the facility runs smoothly, is responsible for key client projects, and prepares reports on their progress.

John has other passions in life as well, including building classic cars and attending car shows and fundraisers. He shares his life with his wife and their two daughters. He also has two English Bulldogs, names Bully and Ike.