Asana Recovery

Keelin McGee

Activities Director & Alumni Coordinator

Keelin is originally from New Jersey and has also lived in Pennsylvania, Arizona, and now California, where she intends to stay. She has worked at treatment facilities throughout the country and has been involved in the substance abuse field for six years.

She studied psychology and communications/public relations at numerous colleges between 2011-2018, and played college-level basketball. Now, she joins Asana Recovery as an Activities Director & Alumni Coordinator. In this role, Keelin works to stay connected to alumni and celebrate their milestones. She also plans and hosts events for clients, staff, and graduates of the program.

Working in the addictions industry is important for Keelin, as she has an innate passion for helping those who are suffering with addiction. She says “I strive to provide the best care possible for each individual, in hopes of positively affecting their recovery journey.”

In her free time, she enjoys spending time with her dog, Hurley. They often take road trips to ghost towns and haunted places. They also go paddle boarding, driving and exploring new places, finding secluded beaches, and going anywhere that’s “off the beaten path.” Keelin also enjoys learning about numerology, astrology, and personality types, and creating macrame decor. She also stays busy with hiking, rock climbing, and free climbing.