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Keisha Simon Behavioral Health Technician

Behavioral Health Technician

You may be surprised by some of the fun facts that Behavioral Health Technician Keisha Simon has to share about herself, like that she is a dog/puppy psychologist and also wrote a book. Her hobbies and interests are also diverse. Dogs top the list (obviously), but she also likes debating history, writing, following current events and listening to country music.

Keisha has three adult children. Her daughter Ashley, who she calls her “best friend” and her “SHEro,” has a Masters in Social Work and two BAs. “She has always believed in me – even when I didn’t believe in myself,” Keisha says.

Keisha’s middle son, Melvin, has a BA in business and is a great full-time dad. Her youngest son, Isaiah, who Keisha jokingly calls a “spoiled little brat” and also her “heartbeat,” is “the proud father of my granddaughter, Zariah whom I simply adore!”

Keisha lost her dog Big Tank Daddi in May of last year, which inspired her to direct her creative energy toward some of dog-focused passions. She’s also working towards a BA in the Psychology of Addictions, after completing an Associate’s degree in Human Services in 2018. Before that, she had worked as a Certified Nurse’s Assistant.

Along with her grandchildren and “dogs of any kind,” helping people makes Keisha happy. “This is what I was created to do,” Keisha says of working in the recovery field. “We don’t choose this field. This field chooses us.”

“I am really honored to be a part of Asana’s recovery team My goal is to grow with the company as I complete my educational journey.”