Asana Recovery

Kellie Dubock Medical Technician

Health Technician Lead

Before working at Asana, Kellie attended California State University, Fullerton from 2019-2021 where she gained a Bachelor of Science in Kinesiology with a concentration in Clinical Movement Studies. Her goal is to continue her education and become a PA in the future.

In her free time, she loves to work out and has competed in a few local weightlifting competitions. She also works as a science and math tutor at Orange Coast College. She is happiest when she spends time with her friends and family and also enjoys spending time with her two dogs; a big Husky Shepard named Charlie and a six-month-old puppy that she just adopted named Raven.

She got started in the additions industry because she loves to offer help to others in the way it was offered to her. She says “Working in the addiction industry is very personal to me as I have seven years sober and went through treatment myself. I love paying forward the gifts that have been so freely given to me and seeing individuals transform their lives.”

Kellie joins Asana Recovery as a Medical Technician. She works to record data and communicate with physicians for medical clearance in relation to treatment, planning, and discharge. She also has knowledge of detox medications, observes patients, collects samples, and conducts nursing assessments and client monitoring.