Asana Recovery

Support Specialist

When she’s not spending her time out on the water or watching a good move, you can find Kerry working as a Support Specialist at our facility, where she handles auditing and transportation and any other tasks that need completing. 

A typical day for Kerry consists of picking up clients from one of the houses and taking them to the center, auditing and spreadsheets, and any transportation that is needed. She is always ready for whatever is thrown her way!

Kerry was led to work in this field because of a job offer, and has not regretted one moment. She loves that she has the opportunity to be able to give back what was freely given to her and help however she can, which she can do in her position at Asana Recovery. She uses her strengths of compassion, reliability, loyalty and attention to detail to best serve and help those around her. 

Kerry has experience in the past with auditing and spreadsheets, but is new to the recovery field and is so thankful to be a part of this type of work. She is inspired by watching and learning from her co-workers, management and clients.

When she’s not working, she enjoys spending her time in the ocean or walking along the beach. She just loves being on the water in general, so any chance she gets she spends fishing, or boating and just taking in all the sights and smells. She also loves to go frog gigging and noodling whenever she can (it’s a southern thing!). If she could travel anywhere in the world, it would be to Greece or Spain to see the many incredible buildings, structures, and the beauty of each place.

Kerry takes a lot of inspiration from Robert Downie Jr., because of the many things that he overcame in his life. She admires that he overcame an addiction in his youth, and went on to live a successful life, but continue to remain humble and share with AA groups around the country. 

When we asked her to describe herself in three words, her answer was patient, strong and an over-thinker. This is exactly how people around her view and why she makes such a great addition to the team!

Her advice to anyone looking to work in this field is that you need to be “all in”. She says it is also important to have compassion and understanding, as well as patience, because the clients are not their “real selves” yet and they need time to heal.