Asana Recovery

Kierra Canepa

Behavioral Health Technician

Kierra joins Asana Recovery as a Behavioral Health Technician. She can often be found working with clients to ensure they have the items, medication, and information they need. She provide assistance with collecting medical samples, educating clients about medication, and charting client progress.

She has a passion for the addictions industry and loves to help others. She says, “Working in this field has always been very close to home for me. I have many loved ones who struggle and I have been through the struggle myself. This is something I am passionate about and will always have a soft spot for. Helping others has always been a really big part of my life.”

When not at work, Kierra enjoys walking on the beach, sleeping, and being artistic; she loves to paint and draw. She also has been practicing her talents with tattoo work and has recently become interested in cosmetology and hair.

Happiness to Kierra is spending time with her step-daughter and husband, who she says is her best friend.