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Kimberly Brave Admissions Counselor

Admissions Counselor

Kimberly Brave, a new Admissions Counselor at Asana Recovery, is passionate and energetic, with diverse interests, work and hobbies all united around a single theme: Helping others on a path to recovery from addiction.

“Being your authentic self to others is so important,” she says. “I also am in recovery. Working in this industry helps me to be stronger in my own recovery. Recovery has changed my life. After 26 years of alcoholism, God has given me another chance to live an incredible life of service. I wake up every day saying, ‘ITS A BEAUTIFUL DAY TO SAVE LIVES!’”

The mother of a high school-aged son, Kimberly finds joy in supporting her son’s athletics. “We are a football and basketball family,” she says.

She also enjoys spending time with her grandmother, her nieces and nephews and friends. Her other hobbies include fishing, hiking, enjoying nature, trying new foods and cooking.

Kimberly studies Sports Medicine at Northeastern Oklahoma A&M College and graduated from Tulsa Welding School in 2017. She’s also an Asana Recovery alumni!

She devotes a significant amount of her life to helping others find recovery from addiction, from starting a women’s group in her own home to planning recovery and sobriety events in her Osage community. “My Osage, Chickasaw, and Cherokee culture is very important to me,” she says. “I attend Osage sweats regularly to keep me grounded spiritually.”