For many parents, alcohol is a sensitive topic that is best left on the back burner during their son’s or daughter’s early childhood years. So, how soon is too soon to educate your children about the potential risks of alcohol? Better yet, how should you approach the subject? Perhaps you would consider showing them types of alcohol and the dangers of alcoholism. On the other hand, you may tell them a cautionary tale about your experiences with drinking. Would you ever consider letting your young children actually taste it? According to NBA All-Star LeBron James, the answer is a stiff “yes.” Let’s take a look at a story that is making headlines across the U.S.

The Wine Is on Me, Dad

Los Angeles Lakers frontman LeBron James recently spoke with reporters during a practice meet on October 9, 2018. Competing in his first season with LA, the NBA star spoke about his experience with his younger teammates and praised his two sons LeBron Jr. (14 years old) and Bryce (11 years old) for their maturity. Then, at some point, he added a shocking reveal: he and his wife Savannah allow the boys to drink wine at the dinner table. According to James, though, he made this decision, not his wife.

While the statement initially sounded like a joke, with James playfully adding that they will be driving cars soon, the All-Star added that they, in fact, partake in whatever wine their parents are drinking.  This reveal comes on the heels of LeBron’s Twitter post, in which he showed off $3,000 worth of wine bottles.

A Question of Culture or Ethics?

In other countries like France, allowing children to drink wine is considered a step in the right direction. By this logic, parents believe that, by exposing their children to the taste and aroma of wine, they will be taking away any desire for risk-taking or breaking rules that may arise down the road. In fact, a recent study by Penn State University and University College London discovered that half of 10,000 British children (age 14) had consumed more than several sips of an alcoholic drink.

Children and Alcohol

Consider this fact: parents can have a major impact on teenage and young adult drinking habits, and this behavior can bud in early childhood and middle school years. The National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism (NIAAA) reports that a person who takes up drinking as a teenager has a higher risk of developing alcoholism versus adults who experiment after they reach the legal age (21 years).

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