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The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is starting to raise warnings about an alarming new trend involving the misuse and abuse of Loperamide, an anti-diarrhea medication sold over-the-counter under the brand name Imodium AD. Loperamide effects opioid receptors in substantially the same way as other opioids and the FDA is concerned that the drug is being abused by those suffering from opioid addiction as a way to replicate their high or avoid symptoms of withdrawal.

While the FDA still stands by its assessment that Loperamide is safe when taken as directed, they are concerned about reports that some people are taking nearly 100 times the normal dosage in order to experience the desired euphoric effects. Taken at this level, the medication can be extremely dangerous and the FDA confirms that they have received reports of heart problems and death stemming from this misuse.

If someone you love is suffering from an opioid addiction, it is important for them to seek the help of trained medical professionals. New medication to help manage opioid withdrawal symptoms has recently been approved by the FDA, and professional addiction treatment is the best option for long-term recovery.

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