Asana Recovery

Louis Stevenson


Client Care Coordinator

Louis has said that he is striving to be the best nurse of all time, and that drive is exactly what makes him a great Client Care Coordinator. At Asana Recovery, he is works to ensure that clients’ health and well-being is put first. He can be found observing clients and charting progress, working with clients to explain medication and symptoms, helping to refer clients to other medical resources when necessary, and providing nursing assessments.

Providing support to help and encourage individuals overcome their substance abuse is what drives Louis to work in the addictions industry. He comes to Asana Recovery after completing the LVN program at Allied Medical & Health Services. He also has studied business and psychology at MTSU.

He finds happiness in exercise, gratitude, giving back, helping others, laughing, good relationships with family and friends, and being the best person that he can be.