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Melissa Williams

Melissa Williams Case Manager

Case Manager

“I never want anyone to feel like they are alone in the struggle of addiction. We recover together.” This is a powerful message to come from the new case manager at Asana Recovery, Melissa Williams.

Melissa says she joined the Asana Recovery team to “Spread the message of hope and living successfully one day at a time.” An approachable manner, an infectious smile and the desire to “sees the positive in other people,” make Melissa particularly effective at working with others in recovery.

A mother (of four kids and one dog), Melissa treasures her family relationships and stays connected with her sister and parents in Idaho. “I talk with them every day just to let them know I love them and always stay thankful for all the love and support they have provided,” she says.

As part of her own recovery from addiction, Melissa spends “a lot of time on off hours sponsoring other women in Alcoholics Anonymous and attending fellowship functions.” She is a sober living house manager and loves “speaking at meetings and sharing my experience strength and hope.”

For fun, Melissa enjoys camping, riding horses and wakeboarding at the Colorado River. She recently enrolled to become a Certified Alcohol Drug Counselor (CADC) at Sober College School of Addiction Studies.