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Michelle Carmona Rios

Michelle Carmona Rios Behavioral Health Technician

Behavioral Health Technician

You won’t get bored talking to Asana Recovery Behavioral Health Technician Michelle Carmona Rios! Her interests are incredibly diverse, and she likes reading research articles about human behavior, so there’s always something new and interesting to talk about.

Michelle says she became interested in addiction recovery in college. “My passion for the addiction field started in my time as a student at the University of California, Santa Cruz,” she says. “I wrote many papers researching the effects of substance abuse on the brain and wanted to help firsthand with clients.”

For fun, Michelle enjoys staying active on hikes and creating awesome music playlists. She also loves to create short films of her vacations. “It’s a good way to relive the memory,” she says.

Michelle says her house sometimes feels like a zoo with two cats, one dog, and one parrot.

“I’m very excited to be a part of the team and help clients at Asana Recovery,” Michelle says.