With all the craziness that has taken place with marijuana in our country, you will probably not be surprised that marijuana discussions have been taking place in the White House. Approximately ten years after her husband released his memoirs Dreams of My Father: A Story of Race and Inheritance, former first lady Michelle Obama has decided to take this opportunity to tell her story to the world. In the pages, she talks about her youth and her progression through life. However, you might not be shocked to hear that (like many young people during that time) Mrs. Obama smoked marijuana. So how has she decided to weigh in on this activity? Let’s take a closer look at her perspective on the little green plant.

Honesty Is the Best Policy

MICHELLE OBAMA TALKS ABOUT SMOKING MARIJUANA IN HER UPCOMING BOOKIn a recent interview on 20/20, Mrs. Obama was peppered with questions about this admission about pot, as was expected. After host Robin Roberts inquired about why she would be so eager to share this part of her life, Mrs. Obama gave a simple yet straightforward answer: she did it because she did it. Adding further, she explains that everybody has to overcome something difficult or annoying in life, and all children and teens have to figure out what is right or wrong for them. For Mrs. Obama, her battles and successes helped shape the woman she is today, fortunately. She has labeled her new book as a “becoming story” and wants to share this period of growth (including her pot use) with the newest generation of American children and teens.

Marijuana Has a Point

Like his wife, Mr. Obama has also opened up about his marijuana use, but members of the pro-cannabis community have argued that Mrs. Obama’s reveal about pot use opens the floodgates for decriminalization and (eventually) legalization. Even more interesting, Mr. Obama’s biographer hinted that Barak enjoys puffs off a joint or a pot-infused gummy bear every so often. Nevertheless, Mr. Obama still failed to decriminalize weed during his term.

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