Asana Recovery

Nathan De La Mora

Nathan De La Mora Behavioral Health Technician

Behavioral Health Technician

Before working at Asana Recovery, Nathan used to be a lifeguard and has some work experience in sales. He enjoys going to the movies and finding cool nature spots. His favourite beach is Laguna Beach and he has interests in Dodge vehicles, the Dodgers, and UFC.

He comes from a large family and has many skills, including being a musician, Jiu Jitsu, personal training, and swimming. He is also a skilled Medical Equipment Technician.

To Nathan, happiness is reaching a goal, spending time on the beach, music, prayer, and quality family time. He also enjoys being able to help uplift others and be a role model. This has influenced him to join the addictions industry, as he wants to help guide others through sobriety.

At Asana Recovery, Nathan works as a Behavioural Health Technician. He can be found observing and charting clients, maintaining ethical policies, informing clients about medications, and working closely with medical staff.