Earlier this month, on Thursday, May 3, 2018, New York City officials sent a letter to the health commissioner of New York State, Howard A. Zucker, requesting approval to open four supervised injection sites across the city. If approved, New York City will become home to the first supervised injection facilities in the country, though other municipalities, including San Francisco, Philadelphia, and Seattle, are interested in or in the process of opening supervised injection sites in their respective states as well.

Advocates of supervised injection sites generally support them for two major reasons. First, supervised injection sites can reduce the health risks associated with intravenous drug use. By providing access to clean needles, those addicted to injected substances are less likely to contract diseases through the use of dirty needles or spread communicable diseases by sharing needles. In addition, supervised injection sites can assure that medical attention can be readily provided in the event of an accidental overdose.

Advocates also believe that supervised injection sites give people with a substance addiction more access to the resources they need to obtain treatment. The educated staff available at such sites are well-trained to guide people toward treatment and their insight can help them avoid addiction treatment scams and abuses.

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