Asana Recovery

Nicole Biron Therapist


Nicole Biron decided to become a therapist in the addiction and recovery field while completing her Master’s degree. As clinical assistant, she discovered that she loved working alongside individuals working towards recovery. Since then, she has worked in every level of care for addiction treatment, now joining Asana Recovery as a therapist in the outpatient program. Part of her commitment to the work is personal, however, because Nicole has had friends and family who have struggled with addictions.

An avid traveler, Nicole has visited 26 countries and has seen the northern lights in two countries.

Nicole got married last October, and she and her husband have two dogs: a black lab mix and a teacup chihuahua. When they can leave their “fur babies,” Nicole and her husband enjoy going to Disneyland together and on “foodie adventures” throughout California.

Prior to working in addiction recovery, Nicole worked with the veteran population at a veteran facility. She graduated from Vanguard University in 2021 with a Master’s in Clinical Psychology after receiving her Bachelor’s in psychology from Concordia University in 2018.