When you are dealing with the legalization of the little green plant called marijuana, you are bound to run into a few bumps and lumps on the road to success. Although Canada officially legalized the drug (October 17, 2018), dispensaries across the country experienced a dry spell of cannabis (due to low stocks of product), meaning the users would have to obtain the herb from special locations in the Green Mile (specifically Alderville). Now, however, a new issue has surfaced. Recently, the Ontario Cannabis Store (OCS) did not provide a proper THC readout on its products. As expected, customers were worried. Let’s take a closer look at the problem at hand and see how this online Ontario-based marijuana store is dealing with this mislabeling of its products.

Flower Shower

Initially, customers who had been making purchases on the OCS website first alerted owners to the error, particularly when they tried to buy the Radiate strain. Online, this marijuana is listed as containing a THC level of 24%, while, in reality, the strain’s actual level is close to 13%. We can easily see the issue, but why does this situation pose such a uniquely major problem for OCS? Simply put, Radiate has been listed as their most popular and (of course) their most potent product. Ultimately, customers were not getting what was promised from a high-grade item.

After receiving the complaints from customers, OCS members quickly investigated and made an interesting discovery: they were not responsible for the problem. Instead, TerrAscend Canada (the maker of Radiate) had sent the wrong info to OCS and ultimately apologized for the incident.

Trouble in Paradise

ONLINE MARIJUANA STORE IN ONTARIO HAS PROBLEM WITH MISLABELED PRODUCTSNeedless to say, this situation (and other problems) has frustrated Canadian cannabis consumers. Based on the fact that THC labeling is a mandatory requirement (issued by the government), customers have been disconcerted by the false information on the Radiate label. Likewise, Ontario is struggling to distribute shipments of the drug, meaning that customers have had to wait much longer than anticipated.

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